The Tardy Circle

In Which the Circle Meets Someone New

R. Water 765: Someone is too eager to have a Full Circle here

6, Jupitersday:

Kazu, Feard, and DS have a chat after the box investigation.  Seven is later included in the chat.  She is still stressed and confronts Kazu about whether he was trying to get around his oath to keep her a secret and wanted to know if he even considered the repercussions of the scrying talisman he made for the Wyld Hunt.  He said he didn't, and had wanted to give them something that he could detect so he knew where it was.

7, Saturnsday:

Harmony came back from whining to the Unconquered Sun about why he was chosen, and how he surprisingly got an answer.  Something to do with trying to fix a mistake and being "unsuited but none having a better chance for success."

The team meets Xian Lin.  Kazu didn't attend because of worry about being scryed.  A fire elemental delived a message to Hai'li from her sister.  It cut off early but seemed to indicate that people were coming after Hai'li, presumably finding out where she was because of letters she sent said sister.


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