Stormy: "And this is my wife, Chases Chariots Barking…"
GM: "That is NOT her name!"

GM: "Kate, are you a creature of Darkness?"
Kate: "Yes. Well, I may be – my character definitely is."

GM OOC: "You'd be amazed at how busy the rooftops of Great Forks are."

Oncoming Storm: "How narrowminded is he? More or less Kazu?"
Hai'li: "…maybe one and a half Kazus."

Hai'li: "I don't like killing people and neither should you. It's impolite – shows bad breeding."

OOC: "There's no 'threatening intent' here. The only Intent here is him." /points at Harmony

GM, as Tailor NPC: "How would you like to come across?"
Marilee Floros: "Like we're here to help? Something positive."
SCREECH of tires outside like commentary.

Harmony to Hai'li about Kazu: "You see, he 'likes' you, and is trying to figure out if he 'like-likes' you…"

Akamura, defeated: "…I climb up."

Kazu: "Why can't I remember? Why is this happening to me?!"
Stormy, OOC: "Because your player HATES you…"

Hai'li, to the Yesunshin Marukans: "Let's use some brains here."

Kazu, OOCly: Guard. Guard, guard. Grrr. Grrr.

Kazu, screaming, attempts to leap off of the fangs of a half-mile long dragon.
The Lord of Conquest: "Oh, we haven't played this game in a long while."

Hai'li: "Kazu will come rescue you, you know."
Shinnosuke: "Then tell him to come alone, he's in worse shape than me."

Kazu: "I can't do that now – I need to work on my evil laugh! Ahem. 'Moo-ha-ha!'…"

Xian Lin: "Ah, you must work with Marilee Floros."
Hai'li: "Yes! She's nice." Beat. "-ish."

GM, playing Seven: "She permits you to pet her. She purrs. Resentfully."

Kazu hands over his diary to Xian Lin. "Here! It's something of a tradition…"

Kate, OOC: "Do I have my normal 'undeado' sense on?"

GM, to Stormy: "I will never run a game in which you do not yell, "Can you hear me NOW?". I will FIND a way."

Marilee Floros: "Why would anyone keep one boot?"
Hai'li: "Maybe someone with only one leg?"
Everyone looks at Feard the peg-legged

Kazu: "Do you know any combat magic?"
Feard: "What's that?"
Kazu: "Spells that do terrible things to people and make them fall over dead."
Feard: "Not so much."
Kazu, to Xian Lin: "And you?"
Xian Lin: "Yes."

Hai'li: (finding a cat with a bell collar on) Must…free…kitty!
Dave: Wow, we didn't even get to the human slaves.

Xian Lin: "Pretend you're not a boy…"
Rickard: "I'm not a girl!

Marilee Floros, to Erigone Deligiannis: "Forgive me for saying it so bluntly, my dear, but Harmony… seems a bit of a coward."

Feard turns on a light switch.
Xian Lin: "I will ask you not to chance our safety on nothing more than your grasp of ergonomics, sir…"

GM: Harmony dies, and lands on a pile of Pril corpses.

Dave: I want to examine the… doom smurfs?
GM: I was calling them wildlings, but doom smurfs is now their official canon name.

Ex-chagger: "Oh. We call them consumers. Sometimes they come down here. We turn off the lights and hide, and then stab them."


Light's Valor: "Ok, game's over – move over there."
GM: The fish look at the little girl.
Little Girl: "Yeah, sure, do what he says."
Light's Valor: "Kill her."

Hai'li: "Identify the wearer of that bracelet."
GM as Aveena: "That is Chief Medical Officer, Insert Name Here."
Stormy: Wow, the Shogunate really was a bureaucracy.

Kazu: "MOOOhahahaha!"
GM: See, he thinks it's moo, not mwah…
Eric: No, it's evil Ahlat! MOOooOOhahahaha!


Kazu: "I believe I am going to be playing the Circle's 'scape-leader'…"
Talespinner: "I need more words."


The Tardy Circle rcpaiz Stormy